The Aloka SSD 1400 ultrasound system is a balance of superb imaging and ergonomic design ideal for a wide range of examinations.

Clinical Versatility

  • Scanning Methods: electronic convex sector, electronic linear, electronic steered linear, mechanical sector (optional), mechanical panoramic radial (optional)

  • Image Display Mode: B, B/B, M, B/M, Spectral Doppler [PW, HRPF, CW(mechanical or independent probe)], B/D

Excellent Image Quality

  • 12-inch diagonal viewing monitor with swivel and tilt
  • Multi-stage dynamic focusing: up to 4 user selectable focal zones
  • Dynamic frequency imaging

  • Dynamic aperture control

  • Image processing Select (IPS): enables you to pre-program up to 8 combinations of imaging factors for each of 15 pre-sets

  • Image select function: Transmit, frequency, receive frequency, and transducer aperture size are changed to optimize the image. R=resolution; S=standard; P=penetration

  • Image processing Select (IPS): enables you to pre-program up to 8 combinations of imaging factors for each of 15 pre-sets.  It is possible to change multiple factors on each mode at once, so you can adjust the image to your preference.

    • B-mode: Frame correlation, contrast, AGC, relief

    • M-mode: Contrast, AGC, relief, FTC

    • D-mode: Contrast, reject, P-CMP, smooth, reso

  • 256 grayscale levels

Easy To Use

  • Automatic B-gain control (ABC): provides hands free automatic system gain control providing a constant image brightness.  

  • 15 user programmable pre-sets:  allows quick setup for the desired exam type, common pre-set, preset control, and user preset

  • Image select function

  • Image processing Select (IPS)

  • Auto annotation: expanded number of annotation of words, 80 words user programmable

  • Body mark

  • Report function: obstetrical calculation, cardiac, and peripheral vascular report

  • Cine memory: Cine Memory (B-mode): max 32 frames; Store Memory (B and/or M,D): max 8 frames or seconds (M or D); Scrolling Memory(M or D): max 256 seconds (32 screens)


Convex Sector 

3.5 MHz, 20R, 90 degree 

3.5 MHz, 14R, 90 degree

3.5 MHz, 60R, 60 degree

5 MHz, 14R, 120 degree

5 MHz, 14R, 90 degree

5 MHz, 60R, 60 degree

7.5 MHz, 20R, 65 degree

7.5 MHz, 40R, 60 degree



Convex: 5 MHz, 9R, 120 degree; Linear: 7.5 MHz, 60mm



5 MHz, 42mm

7.5 MHz, 42mm

7.5 MHz, 38mm

7.5 MHz, 60mm

5 MHz, 60mm

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